Friday, May 28, 2010

J.Crew Look-A-Like T-Shirt

There are so many embellished t-shirt tutorials out there and this one is so easy I almost didn't post it...but I love the way it turned out (in only 5 easy steps!)

I copied this J.Crew t-shirt:
1) Get an extra long t-shirt (mine is from H&M and cost $5).  Decide where you actually want it to hit and cut off the bottom (leaving an extra 3/4-1" for the hem).
2) Hem the bottom (I folded twice but once I did it I realized I really only needed to do it once since the jersey won't fray).
3) Cut the bottom piece into 3 strips of the same length (more or less) and decreasing in width about 1/4" for each one. You'll want to cut off the old hem as well.
4) Ruffle the strips and gather them to approximately 9" long.
5) Stack the ruffles and pin and sew to the shirt in the same position as the J-Crew one.  I highly recommend trying it on while pinned to make sure you like the placement.
Now just press and you're done!


  1. Oooh that looks great! I love a bit of internet shopping to garner sewing inspiration :D

  2. Nice! I love doing Jcrew knock-offs. I did a similar one here:

  3. This is really cute - I like how it's asymmetrical! I just posed a t-shirt refashion tutorial yesterday - check it out at!

  4. I really love that! And it's so easy and fast, my favorite kind of project :).