Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UPDATE--Next Project: Spring Dress from Simplicity Pattern

I've almost finished this dress (just need to add the sleeves and hem the bottom) and I've been really disappointed by the pattern.  It was impossible to understand the directions as to how to attach the pockets so I just ended up making something up on my own.  It worked fine but they don't lay as flat as I'd like.  I have, however, discovered my new favorite sewing trick: binding tape!  I'd never used it much before but had a packet lying around and decided to use it on the hems with the zipper, since the fabric was fraying a lot and kept getting caught in the zipper.  It makes it look so nice and finished!  I ended up putting it around the neckline as well (I had some problems with the liner) but I'm not sure yet if I like it...I'll have to wait until the sleeves are on to know for sure.  It'll end up being a cute dress but I'm glad I'd already used a dress pattern before, otherwise I would have been completely lost!

As I've mentioned a few times recently I kind of went overboard at the last Joann's sale and got a bunch of patterns and fabric.  My next project will be this dress with the sweetheart collar and cap sleeves (just like the picture on the left, but probably without the buttons.)  I love pockets in dresses and am really excited to learn how to make them!
I cut out the pattern pieces Monday night (even though I'm a 4/6 in real life I appear to be a 12/14 in pattern world!) and cut all the fabric last night so I'm ready to start sewing!  I'm using a great Simply Silky print from Joann that was 50% off on top of already being on's a large print that kind of looks like brushstrokes in blue, brown, purple and yellow (hard to describe but very cute).  I realized after cutting the fabric that I didn't allow for matching the pattern where the 2 parts of the back meet, so hopefully it won't look weird!

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  1. Its interesting about patterns. They didn't change as much the world of fashion. I wore a 10 when I was a young adult in clothes and patterns, but in todays clothes sizes that would be a 2 or 4.