Monday, March 1, 2010

Dress to Skirt and New Fabric

I was 90% finished with my Simplicity dress (just needed to attach 1 sleeve and hem the bottom) when I tried it on for the 20th time and realized the the bodice was just too big and that short of detaching it and redoing all the hems and darts nothing I could do would fix it.  I also decided that I don't really like the large pattern all over, so I've decided to make the dress into a skirt.  I promised to give it 48 hours before making the cut but it's already been 24 and I'm only more convinced.  I think it will be easy to turn in to a skirt and the pockets will still look cute.

I also got some amazing fabric at purl this weekend.  That place is incredible...I could have spent all day (and all my money) there! 
I got this cute light cotton blue fabric with pink stripe around the bottom that I'm going to use to make a really simple spring skirt using this tutorial from Freshly Picked but shorter and with a thicker elastic band like this J.Crew skirt:
I can't wait for spring!


  1. Good thing you tried it on first!
    I think I like that blue/pink... is it vintage?

  2. It's actually not vintage (although it looks and feels like it--its so soft!) I can't find it on the purl website but its a Nani Iro fabric: