Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Very Poofy Skirt

I finally had time to make my elastic waist skirt with my purl fabric this weekend.  I'm fairly happy with how it turned out, but I'm still trying to get the poofiness to go down!  I got really in to it and didn't take any pictures during the process but check out the great tutorial I used from Freshly Picked.  The only change I made was to cover up the elastic, like this J.Crew skirt:

I made the skirt more or less following the tutorial directions but instead of sewing the fabric to the elastic I folded the top over to create a pocket for the 2 inch wide elastic.  Looking back I really should have just placed the elastic and then folded the fabric over and sewn, but I decided to create the pocket first and then string the elastic through, which was of course time consuming and frustrating.  But in the end it worked.

I had to line the skirt, and I did so once the rest was finished.  I just sewed the 2 vertical sides of lining fabric together and then sewed them to the skirt at the top, right at the bottom of the elastic pocket.  The pockets are between the blue fabric and the lining (I checked some of my other dresses/skirts with pockets and this was the most common way of doing pockets and lining).

The skirt started out very poofy and I've been pressing and ironing to calm it down a bit.  I like some poofiness but it felt a bit like a tutu at first!  If I were to make this again (which I'm sure I will it was so simple!) I think I would use 1.5 times the length of elastic for the fabric, instead of 2 times as suggested in the tutorial.  I'm so happy that I finally know how to make's really quite simple and I will now be putting them in all of my creations.

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